BÄRNSTEN / AMBER   Kåda Exhibit (2021)

Artists: Alvaro Aramburu, Elvira Jönsson, Guillaume Klein, Helena Pernow, Jonas Petter Wallner, Laura Blake, Linnea Dalstrand


To understand the exhibition Amber in English, it is firstly important to understand that Kåda translates to resin in English. “Amber” is an exhibition that shows what and who is behind Kåda. For the first time, they are exhibiting just the core members, the group of artists who meet, plan, and build Kåda’s exhibitions. If we think of it as a material, amber is formed from resin secreted by ancient coniferous trees. The resin released is part of the tree’s immune system, as a reaction to being punctured or scratched. 


This reflects how Kåda came to be. They see themselves as a binding agent to help navigate creative careers, create opportunities for others, and deliver projects that they could never do alone. They have chosen this exhibition at Stockholm Craft Week to celebrate the variation and synergy in their individual practices. What we see here is the result of layers and years of their group energy. From abstract spoons, materials reflecting in light, to hand turned chess pieces, and celebrations of reflection, the result is as diverse as each members strengths. But it is held together, or perhaps hardened, by their interest in material possibilities.


Kungsgatan 84

https://stockholmcraftweek.se/kada #sthlmcraftweek